This Digital Inclusion Index Surveys Silicon Valley’s Whiteness

Over 41,000 people work at Google, Facebook, and Twitter but less than 2% of that workforce—only about 750 employees—is black. The rest of the tech industry mirrors that trend with African-American representation at 5% overall.

The National Urban League has taken that employment disparity, along with many other easily comparative social and economic variables to create its Digital Inclusion Index, which finds that black America has 74.1% of white America’s benefits from the digital economy. It shows how often people of color are getting a fair chance at upward mobility within the tech sector compared to their white counterparts.

The best way to think about that metric is as a pie chart: It represents that people of color are afforded access and opportunity to attain only three-quarters of the total pie in terms of knowledge growth, empowerment, and financial reward. 

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