Dr. Silas H. Lee

Dr. Silas H. Lee, III has served as a pollster and strategist for numerous corporate, non-profit, public sector, political and legal clients over the last 24 years.  His company, Dr. Silas Lee and Associates, specializes in public opinion research and strategy development and has worked on behalf of clients including Columbia University in New York City, National Urban League, NAACP, Nike Shoes/Michael Jordan Fundamentals, The Tom Joyner Foundation, Gaming in the Public Interest of South Africa, Harrah’s and Bally’s Casinos and the Institute for International Affairs in Haiti.  

Lee has served as one of the pollsters for several presidential campaigns, including Clinton-Gore, Gore-Lieberman, Kerry-Edwards, Hillary Clinton, Occupy the Vote (2012 presidential election) and numerous other elected officials, agencies and corporations.

As a pollster and sociologist at Xavier University of Louisiana for more than 20 years, he recognizes the need to incorporate the social and cultural dynamics of society in our analysis of qualitative and quantitative data.  Since each campaign is different and requires an individualized strategy to respond to the political and social environment at that time, his company has incorporated a multi-methodological research approach for customizing a strategy to communicate with voters, consumers and potential jurors. 



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