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2016 State of Black America
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The 40th edition of the State of Black America, National Urban League’s seminal publication, is now an all-‐‐digital experience! It includes a full website; web series featuring experts and thought leaders; and an executive summary of this year’s findings. We invite you to go digital with us – below are sample messages you can share to elevate the dialogue on how communities of color are still #LockedOut.

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@NatUrbanLeague will release its 40th State of Black America report on May 17! Stay tuned for #LockedOut: Education, Jobs, and Justice.
The State of Black America report launches on 5/17, featuring web series, articles & more! [insert meme/image]
@NatUrbanLeague's 2016 State of Black America report launches on Tuesday, presented by @ATT! See where minorities stand today. #LockedOut
What did @NatUrbanLeague find out about the current State of Black America? Visit #LockedOut [insert meme/image]

@NatUrbanLeague to launch 2016 State of Black America on 5/17! Watch LIVE BROADCAST presented by @ATT: #LockedOut

Has quality of life improved for Black Americans & Latinos in last 40 yrs? Visit! #LockedOut [insert meme/image]

2016 State of Black America is now available! Check out the all-digital report at, supported by @ATT #LockedOut

2016 State of Black America report launches today! Tune in to live stream and join the conversation via #LockedOut. [insert meme/image]

Curious about Black America's progress in the last 40 years? Check out #LockedOut: Education, Jobs, and Justice:

@NatUrbanLeague's State of Black America report is an all-digital experience:! #LockedOut [insert meme/image]

10 FAST FACTS – 2016 Findings

  1. Since 1976, Black unemployment has consistently remained about twice that of the white rate across time, regardless of education. #LockedOut
  2. Black Americans are only slightly less likely today to live in poverty than they were in 1976. #LockedOut
  3. Highest median household income for Blacks ($66,151) & whites ($109,460) was in Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV area #LockedOut
  4. Toledo, OH had lowest median Black household income ($22,386). White household income low but still more than double Black income #LockedOut
  5. Foreclosure crisis has left Black homeownership rates the same as in 1976, while white homeownership went up 5 percentage points. #LockedOut
  6. For Latinos, median household incomes were closest to white household income in Urban Honolulu, HI, at 80 cents for every dollar. #LockedOut
  7. The metropolitan area with the lowest Hispanic unemployment rate, at 4.6%, was Tulsa, OK, #LockedOut
  8. There has been some progress: slow, ongoing reduction in poverty. Black poverty rate is 2.4 percentage points lower than in 1976. #LockedOut
  9. Despite progress for Black America, there's been much less progress towards economic equality w/whites, especially in education. #LockedOut
  10. Gap in civic participation between Blacks and whites has narrowed 7 percentage points since 1976. #LockedOut